Punch: World’s First Lockscreen Messenger for iOS

As the Founder and Chief Designer for Punch, the world’s first iOS lock screen messenger, I had the opportunity to lead the development of a revolutionary messaging platform. Featured in TechCrunch and other major outlets, Punch was a real-time messaging platform with transmission speeds comparable to WhatsApp, and included advanced walkie-talkie functionality where audio played even if the app was closed. It also featured speech-to-text translation of audio, and allowed users to send audio, text, videos, photos, and emotions in real time. Lock screen displays weather and other information.

My responsibilities included conceiving and wireframing the app, designing the UI/UX and branding, creating marketing and promotional materials, developing a video trailer, conducting customer research and user testing, creating workflow diagrams, and managing the website.

As CEO, I was also responsible for investor relations and customer outreach. Punch was the fastest and most advanced way to communicate with friends, and I’m proud of the impact it had in the market.

Punch is the fastest way to talk to you friends. Punch is the first app that delivers walkie-talkie messages even when the app is not running in the background.

Want more privacy? Just put your phone on mute and the audio messages you receive will be converted to text automatically. While on-the-go, use Drive Mode to have your notifications read out loud to you. It’s fast, safe, and free!

Welcome to the world’s most advanced walkie-talkie for iPhone. Welcome to Punch!


•  Free Walkie-Talkie: Works like a CB radio where incoming audio messages and notifications play handsfree. Your messages get saved for later and are converted to text.
• Mute: Unlike other walkie-talkie apps, Punch is the first one that allows you to mute an incoming walkie-talkie message.
•  Free Text Messages: Send free chat messages, photos, videos, locations, and more. Attach an emotion to your text message to let your friends know how you really feel.

• Secure: Your messages are only stored on our server until they’re delivered. After that they’re deleted automatically.
• Silent Mode: In a meeting or at school? Audio messages sent to you are converted to text.
•  Emoji Sounds: Send emojis that make instant notifications sounds. Heart emojis make a heartbeat sound, smilies laugh, etc…
•  Group Chats: Create groups and use them as an intercom system!



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