I’m a product designer with over 15 years experience in tech. I have ample experience with UI/UX, programming, branding and other areas. As CEO of a tech startup I have led development, design and marketing teams.

Here are some (not all) of my projects:


Muvr Labs: Lead Product Designer. Branding and design work for this medical startup based in San Francisco. View more.

Punch - Lockscreen Messenger

Punch Lockscreen Messenger: Responsibilities included: conception, customer research, user testing, workflow diagrams, wire framing, UI/UX, branding, marketing and promotional materials, video trailer creation,  and website. Managed of iOS, Android, and backend teams using agile methodology. As CEO was responsible for investor relations, customer outreach. View more.


Nowtes Creative Journal: From conception to launch. Created all UI/UX, branding, marketing materials and managed frontend iOS team. View more.


Thinkr Photosharing: Massive undertaking of a complete mobile social network, comparable feature wise at the time to Instagram. Conception, UI/UX, some frontend development, led iOS, Android, and Python Backend teams, contributed to conceiving systems architecture, created marketing materials, including teaser video and website. As CEO raised investment from angel investors, and led investors relations, among other company wide responsibilities. Led community management team. View more.


Sikana iOS and Android app. Led UI/UX team, managed iOS and Android team, was consultant for the development of the website. View more.


Alien Revolt Mobile Game: Conceived of at the time, the first location based MMORPG. Led UI/UX team, website creation, and directed video trailer which aired nationwide in Brazil. View more.




Selected examples of web design and development. Designed and developed using Flash actionscript.

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Some of the clients I’ve been fortunate enough to work with:

Nike, Grammys, 20th Century Fox, MLB, Disney, UFC, Muvr Labs, Lumos Tech, TIM, Oi and others