iWatch Mockup

Recently, talk has arisen in regards to a possible iWatch. It reminds of the pre-iPhone and pre-iPad rumors. Although I have no privileged information, I enjoy speculating what I would come up with if I was sitting at a table in Apple’s design studio.

The Specs:

Touchscreen: I would be curious to hear from other designers what a probable resolution would be for the iWatch. I would hope they would go with the iPhone 5 dpi, and maintain at least a 320×320 screen size.


Stereo Bluetooth: Perhaps the lowest energy consumption method for connecting the iWatch to the internet. The current iPod Nano already sports Stereo Bluetooth, and it could be used to pair/tether the device to the iPhone. It would also make sense for them to release a stereo bluetooth headset.

WiFi/2G/3G/4G: A must, but perhaps not for the first gen due to energy consumption.

Heart Pressure/Body Temperature Sensors: Useful for health apps. Could be implemented on the actual wristband to save space on the body of the watch.

Magnetic Strap: Á la MagSafe could be interesting but perhaps impractical. But would allow for customizable wristbands.

iSight: this is what I believe would make the iWatch, iPhone Nano, or whatever it will be called, a killer gadget, and why networking will be so important. Not only could you make FaceTime calls, thus creating the true cheap, low end iPhone, but it would enable other cool features. A rear or on this case a “side” camera doesn’t make much sense to me. I made a very quick mockup just to illustrate the idea.

Accelerometer/Gyroscope: Essential for pedometer apps. Having owned various LED watches in the past, I find that the great problem with them is that you have to click a button in order for them to activate the LED’s and for you to be able to see the time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply look at your watch and it would automatically light up, thus saving energy and effort?

The Accelerometer/Gyroscope could detect when the user has their arm turned toward the user’s face. This could either enable the watch to automagically turn on the display, or it could activate the iSight camera which would detect the user’s eye movement, and thus know if the user is looking at the watch. Obviously, lighting and other factors can interfere in this working properly. Hey Apple, if you’re decide to implement this I want credit, mkay?

The Killer App: This will have to stay secret until Apple releases an iWatch SDK… 😉


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